We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has left some of our insured’s stranded overseas without a confirmed date for return while others continue to cope with the uncertain economic climate and possibility of another outbreak.

As we seek to honour our commitment to safeguard your interests, we wish to bring to your attention two clauses in your Householder’s Policy that may become applicable If your residence is left completely unoccupied for a prolonged period. Those clauses are:

Householder Policy Clauses



(2) BURSTING AND/OR OVERFLOWING OF WATER TANKS, APPARATUS OR PIPES, but excluding loss or damage caused whilst the said Private Dwelling house is unoccupied.

MEMORANDA (page 15.)


The insurance against Burglary, Housebreaking, Larceny or Theft or any attempt thereat, or the Breakage of Fixed Glass and Sanitary Fixtures shall not apply whilst the Dwelling House is left unoccupied in excess of 120 days during any one period of insurance.

If your house remains unoccupied and unable to be inspected or visited within 120 consecutive days, we recommend seeking assistance from a trusted individual to conduct regular check-ups on your home and premises or hiring home management/maintenance/security services to ensure that you continue to benefit from maximum cover and peace of mind during your absence.

If you require assistance with finding such services, feel free to contact us for recommendations. As always, we are only a phone call or a few clicks away. Contact us by phone at +1-473-444-3012 or +1-473-420-2815, or if you prefer, email us at info@netherlands.gd.

Additionally, here are a few tips to consider for securing your home and possessions:
  1. Install security cameras in key areas around your house including the entrance to your home and yard.
  2. Install burglar bars on all windows.
  3. Store your valuable items and important documents in a locked safe.
  4. Store electronics and documents in waterproof containers.
  5. Unplug electronic devices and appliances (except, maybe your fridge) as many devices continue to pull electricity when turned off. This can also help reduce the risk of fire.
  6. Switch off power outlets.
  7. Install security lights to keep your premises lit during the night. For more efficiency use:
    • motion-activated lights,
    • Solar-powered lights or
    • Timer-activated lights. Installing time-activated lights in rooms within your home can help create the illusion that the home is occupied during the night and ward off potential intruders.
  8. Install a fire detection and alarm system.
  9. Fence or wall off your property. Ensure that the enclosure, including your gate, is not easily climbable or penetrable. Installing barbed wire may make it more difficult for intruders to enter your premises.
  10. Shut off water supply valve to buildings (main and cistern).
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