• Personal Coverages

Homeowners Insurance

Are you willing to bet your home that you have the right homeowners insurance at the right price? Don’t gamble on coverage. We’ll help you make an intelligent, money-saving insurance decision.

Motor Insurance

You can count on us to work with you for a fast, fair claim settlement to save you money and grief on your Motor Insurance.

Valuable Property

With property insurance, you want to be sure to carry adequate limits for all property that you own or are responsible for by contract.

All Risk

Your personal items such as electronics and jewelry are special to you and can cost a great deal to replace. Spare yourself a headache and an empty pocket.


From damage to loss or theft, thinking about everything that can happen to your goods before they reach you can be quite nerve-racking. Spare yourself the worry.

Yacht and Pleasure Craft

Yachts and pleasure crafts are huge investments. Ensure that your investment is adequately covered.

Contractors All Risk

A contractor’s work is exposed to a number of threats every day. Our insurance package specially designed for contractors will help ensure that your building in construction reaches completion.