Wednesday, 31 August saw the organizers of ‘Spicy Divas’ acknowledge the sterling support of Netherlands Insurance, as the title sponsor of their concert event since its inception in 2013.

At the media launch of the 2016 event which took place at the Victory Bar & Restaurant, Port Louis, event organizer Dr Peter Radix stated, “we find it imperative that recognition is given to Netherlands Insurance for their support, not only of our event, but for their overall invaluable contributions toward the advancement of the Performing Arts in Grenada.”

Sen. The Hon. Brenda Hood, Minister for Culture, presented the award to Managing Director of Netherlands Insurance, Mr Richard Strachan. He commented, “Our company is very happy and pleased with the decision we have made to ally ourselves with an event of this calibre, which features several of the top women vocalists in Grenada, many of whom are well-credentialed — and we look forward to the event continuing to grow from strength to strength.”

In receiving the inaugural award, Mr Strachan also congratulated the organisers of the project on their promoting of ‘women in the arts’, and reminded the audience of how important the arts are to the economic and social development of the nation. “Even in the area of tourism, many of these ‘Divas’ perform weekly, at the hotel and restaurants in Grenada, thereby enhancing product development as a destination, and earning income for themselves,” he stated.

Managing Partner of the Divas concerts, Dr Radix, encouraged government to consider giving tax credits to corporations who contribute to the development of the Arts. He also reminded attendees of the launch and the general public to come out and support the Spicy Divas in Concert 2016 event, to be held on Friday, 25 November.

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