Property claim Form

N.B. In case of Fire the exact cause of the outbreak should be clearly stated.


IMPORTANT: This form should be completed and forwarded to the company as soon as possible and in no case later than 30 days from the date of the occurrence. Claimants are advised to read the condition of the company’s policies regarding claim before completing this form.


BUILDING claims, including damage to decorations, should be based on a builder’s estimate and columns (2) - (5) need not be completed.

CONTENTS claims, All columns should be completed and an indication of the extent of the damage given. If any of the items are capable of repair the claim should be based on a Tradesman’s estimate. Cost price at the time of loss or damage (after deductions of all discounts and trade allowances for cash payments) are alone recognized in estimating sound values in respect of claims for Stock-in-Trade. Estimates should be submitted to the company before instructions are given for the work to be put in hand and if possible should accompany this form.