Customers of Netherlands Insurance, leading motor and home insurer of 25 years, now have another convenient way to access 24-hour Roadside Assistance via its new Application.

With the addition of this app to its suite of services, the company’s customers will now be able to send requests for Roadside Assistance through the app using wireless or data services. Some of the app’s features allow users to state the nature of their problem and immediately access important information at the scene of an accident or in an emergency. These include emergency numbers and correct procedures to follow at the scene for insurance purposes.

“Our Roadside Assistance Programme is a complementary service extended to all our customers. We understand the changing needs of our customers, the need for technological advancements to better suit the lives of our clients and a desire for our services to be convenient. Therefore, we strive to truly make our service 100% reliable and accessible at all times,” said Managing Director, Richard Strachan.

Strachan also noted that the company’s roadside assistance services are not limited to collisions, but ranges from tyre and battery changes to gas refills and towing services.

Commenting on the usability of the app, Ja’shon Clarke, SGU Business Student intern responsible for special projects at Netherlands, stated, “The application is easy to download on both Android and Apple platforms, and very user-friendly. Customers who register for the service will receive a specific profile with secure login information. Another great feature is that the app will also note the user’s location and vehicle information when your request is sent, so the response unit will know where you are and be prepared to address your specific need at the time.”

The application was officially launched on Thursday 22 June and is available for download by all Netherlands Insurance customers in Google Play and Apple Stores.

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