Commercial Fire Insurance Proposal Form

You have probably invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money setting up your business. It therefore deserves proper insurance protection.

We can provide insurance cover for your Buildings, Stock, Plant, Machinery and Equipment, Office Contents and other commercial property, against Fire and lightning and include on your request, additional perils such as Explosion, Bushfire, Earthquake, Hurricane, Riot and Strike, Malicious Damage, Flood, Impact, Aircraft and Burst Pipes.

A specimen copy of the actual policy will be made available to you upon request.

In order to arrive at the sum to be insured, you should consider and note the following points:


1. BASIS OF SETTLEMENT may (subject to our agreement) be either:


  • INDEMNITY – The Sum In sured on all proper1y proposed for insurance should be adequate to ensure that you are properly indemnified. You should take into account depreciation and  wear  and  tear  and in  the case  of  stock, the Cost Price to you


  • REINSTATEMENT You may prefer to cover your property on a reinstatement basis (new for old,) in which case the Sum Insured should be adequate to replace as new the property  you elect to insure on this basis.  Reinstatement conditions do not apply to Stock


2. AVERAGE – If  the Sum  Insured  on  any  item  of  property  at  the  time of  the loss does not  represent its  correct  value,  the claim will be subject to the condition of Average.  This condition applies only when a partial loss occurs and causes the claim to be settled in the same proportion as the Sum Insured is to the correct value that should have been insured.



  1. In order to avoid unnecessary delays in settling claims, it is in your best interest to keep bills, receipts, invoices and adequate records so that you can easily substantiate your claim. These should all be kept in a proper fire-resisting cabinet or copies should be kept at another address. Photographs may also prove useful.
  2. In the event of a claim you should notify us immediately.
  3. Cover does not begin until the proposal has been accepted and the premium paid.
  4. It is your duty to inform us of all facts which would affect our judgement in accepting this proposal. If insurance is effected you should inform us immediately if any significant changes occur during the period of insurance which are likely to affect this insurance.